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Serving as a gateway, Elevate Greece is the official platform and leading resource for in-depth information on the Greek Startup Ecosystem, aspiring to help it grow and expand.

The initiative

Elevate Greece is an initiative launched by the Greek Government, intended to identify promising startups and support their growth nurturing a robust innovation ecosystem along the way.

The initiative provides a digital gate through which Greek startups can apply requesting to be officially accredited by competent State Ministry (Ministry of Development & Investments – General Secretariat for Research & Innovation [GSRI]).

Greece: the next major hub in innovation in South East Europe

A strong culture of innovation and entrepreneurship drives the public and private sectors to join forces through Elevate Greece and reach out into global markets, promoting Greece as a major innovation hub in South East Europe.

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Policymakers & Startups Cooperate to Enhance the Local Ecosystem

We all work together on how to best leverage the innovation capacity of startups and build a balanced and nurturing Innovation Ecosystem, based on international benchmarks

"By strengthening Greece's startup ecosystem through Elevate Greece, we provide a virtual hub for networking, opportunities for corporate prizes and a global gateway for growth".​
Adonis Georgiadis
Minister of Development and Investments
"Elevate Greece redefines the Innovation Ecosystem and serves as the roadmap that facilitates success and growth for startups".
Christos Dimas
Deputy Minister of Development and Investments
"Elevate Greece is a pivotal initiative conceived and led by the General Secretariat for Research and Innovation intended to link scientific research more efficiently and effectively with innovation and entrepreneurship".
Athanasios Kyriazis
Secretary General for Research and Innovation

Greek Success Stories

They had an original business idea. They took a risk and worked hard.
They succeeded. Your startup enterprise may be next!!