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Source of Data: Startup information in the table (e.g. startup name, industry, technology used, logo, received funding and employee count, website link) is provided by Startup Representatives who have signed up and registered in the National Startup Registry.


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Elevate Greece database is operated through the Mantis IMS platform and provides with analytics & insights for the Greek Innovation Ecosystem. Funding sources, industry, technology, company TRL and other indicators.


The database is mapping the Innovation Ecosystem by monitoring the number of startups per Region.

Employment Opportunities

The database provides information on jobs being created at startups to measure the impact this has on Greek economy.

Industry Sectors & Technology

The Database processes statistical data regarding the industry sectors startups operate in and the technology they use.

Statistical Data Analysis

The database analyses the performance of Greek startups through the use of KPIs, such as the funding received by the enterprises and their annual turnover.

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